When no news is good news

It’s the holidays again, and here I am contemplating my navel. This year has been horrible, and next year is likely to be worse. With so many sick and aging relatives, I expect bad news sometime in 2019. I don’t want to be specific, but the chances are high. I just wanted put it out there, so don’t expect me to be my frivolous, cynical self during the foreseeable future.

The good news is that there will be another Presidential election in two years. The bad news is that there are two years until the next Presidential election, and our amateur President has two more years to fuck up this country, and sabotage its future, before its people commit a further act of collective suicide and re-elect him. We have elected a senile President and nobody seems to admit it. At what point will someone invoke the 25th amendment? Unfortunately, he has fired all the adults in the room and is replacing them with sycophants.

Yes, there will be some good news this year. My niece will have a daughter in a few months, creating (hopefully) 5 great grandparents.

Hopefully, that will give me the will to survive this year.

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Back again …


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I posted another stream of consciousness writing (mirror, mirror) on EJ’s Obsession today. It’s a sad one. I was thinking of that friend, who ultimately succumbed to cancer, and thought I would post it. It’s a sunny, but reflective day today, and I’m going out for my run, still trying to hold the years at bay. I’m actually running the best I have since my 1/2 marathon PB seven years ago. I should probably sign up for another one, while I’m ahead in the game.

More guilty

I am still too busy. I just posted another installment of Bathing… so I wonder what all the bots who are following my blog will make of it. It probably means I’ll get a lot of spam comments, which the spam-blocker will hopefully catch.

Watch this space …

Guilty as charged

I confess – I haven’t been around in a while. I’m not writing right now. Part of it is that I’m just too busy with life, and not particularly inspired.

What has shaken me out of the doldrums is that my Eirica Johnstone’s Obsession blog has suddenly become very popular – with bots, that is. It has been followed by at least six of them this week, all with a similar naming format, usually lastnameinitialfirstname@outlook.com.

My question is: Why?

What does anyone have to gain by following a semi-dormant blog. Yes, I should probably post the next installment of “Bathing…”. There are about 10 more of them, but that would be giving into the bots. I would rather succumb to human pressure.

Here I go again …

I am sick and tired of politics. These tax bills – and let’s get this right – these are TAX BILLS, not tax cuts for most of us. Yes, you could say they are tax reform because they change how the tax system works. OK, here goes.

Permanent tax cuts of note:

Corporate tax rate reduced to 20%
Pass-through entities taxed at corporate rate instead of individual rates
Alternative Minimum Tax set at 20% or abolished
Estate tax threshold raised or tax abolished (depending on which bill)
Fewer tax bands (depends on where you lie in each band whether this is a cut or increase)

TEMPORARY tax cuts (Senate):

Personal deduction doubled until 2025


(House) Tuition waivers now taxed as income (#WarOnEducation)
Student Loan interest deduction abolished

Other fallout

The raised personal deduction will mean that fewer individuals itemize deductions which will effectively mean they won’t be able to deduct charitable donations, meaning a likely loss of $38B to charities.

The Deficit

Will rise between $1T and $1.5T over the next decade.

The Supposed Benefit

Businesses will use their increased wealth to invest in R&D and jobs.
Personal deduction will decrease taxes for some households, and cut them altogether for lowest earners.
Taxes less complicated so you don’t have to pay someone to do them for you.
Increased productivity means more income and high taxable income.

The Truth

College Students and Graduate get a MASSIVE tax hike. If you get a tuition waiver from a University that charges $50,000 per year, you will be paying tax on at least $30,000 of it. That’s $6,500 in taxes per year, plus you will pay tax on any job you take on to pay those taxes, as well as on any stipend or assistantship you receive (which was already taxed, thanks to President Reagan). To rub salt in the wound, they have then taken away your tax deductions for your student loan interest. They get you coming and going. The result, fewer go to college, meaning that those that don’t go will have decreased earning power over their lifetimes, saving corporations money, but reducing the skills pool.

More truth? Many charities will cease to exist. Many in the GOP say that charities will take up the slack after the ACA is fully repeals. What charities? They will be gone.

More jobs? We are at nearly “full employment”. Yes, 5% unemployment is the threshold for full employment. Where are the job seekers going to come from? The non-college-educated, those without even high school diplomas, immigrants.

Higher GDP? I don’t see that lasting long. Historically, we can’t sustain high growth. The government will have to find another way to kick-start growth, then another, and another.

Trickle down has never worked. What makes you think it will this time? It caused the Depression, and a recession in the early ’90s. The stock market is at an all-time high. Surely, it will fall back to Earth soon, destroying all our savings, IRAs, and investments.

And the deficit keeps going up. It would be better to increase taxes a little to pay off some of the deficit slowly, and save our children from inevitable bankruptcy. But no, give the top 1% even more money. A little pain now will save a lot later.

So what do you like about this tax bill?


If you can’t stop thinking about sex, think about sex.

I’m back! It’s procrastination time, so here I am. I was just reading over some of my Ezzie Dryar blogs and came across the line above. I had so much fun writing those – perhaps too much.

Anyway, I’m re-reading what I have of The Cult of Hahn. I even wrote a prologue to chapter 2. I’ve been hesitant about writing the prologues, because they are quotes from an unwritten bible from the story: The Book of Cyrus. I’ve been tempted to write the whole thing, but an epic all written in verse, using many different voices of poetry, that’s a big ask. Probably too big for me at this point in my life. I need to finish the last third of The Cult of Hahn first, and that has taken me 10 years. I’ve written the ending, but I have two big gaps to fill, as well as several prologues.

I’ve posted the new prologue in my blog: The Cult of Anne. (That’s where the Ezzie blogs are, too.)

Moved, unmoved

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I’ve been so obsessed by the Chump that I haven’t thought to express my thoughts here. I so want him impeached, in prison, and/or out of my life that I just sit watching Stephen Colbert monologues all afternoon.

I haven’t even bothered to finish my volume of short stories. It’s really done, but I just need to do silly things like formatting printing and submitting it to CreateSpace.

One thing about my recent move is that my new office overlooks the street, which leads to a park very popular with runners and walkers. Even people-watching doesn’t seem to get the juices flowing – the 60-something guy who just ran by probably would have never done it for me at any point in my life, though.