Why Annema?

It’s a play on words, of course, but I couldn’t decide which. It’s either a combination of Anne and Anime or Anne and enema. Take your pick. (It’s more likely the latter.)

I was working a little more on my Ezzie story. It’s gone a little further into the surrealistic (and sexual) realm than I originally intended, and now I’m stuck with her being possessed and sex mad for two more weeks. Ugh! I need to figure out a graceful exit for her, that doesn’t upset the storyline too much. Perhaps, I’ll have her discuss her Eirica story some more. It is about to become a little weird, or perhaps it is there already. That’s already written. I just need to reformat it for WordPress when I post. It’s difficult getting the email conversations to look comprehensible. WP keeps reformatting it automatically, and that’s annoying.

I need to start working on some serious writing now, possibly more Cult of Hahn, although I’ve hit a wall with it. I wonder if I need to go back and do a rewrite on it. I’m also still thinking about my Annethology. I’m still in the process of choosing stories for it and re-editing them. My original plan was to publish before Christmas, but it’s looking more like next spring at the earliest. Life is encroaching on my writing time.

I’m also thinking about my Out of the Frying Pan novel, which needs some reworking and a new title. The original came from a theme-based competition (which I never entered). 

Must focus.


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