Turkeys everywhere

Work has closed down for the holiday, although I still have some editing to do. No Thanksgiving gig, but a Christmas pops concert coming up. (Oh how I hate them!) The music world seems to shut down in December, except for crappy music. Maybe someday I will start up a December music series that plays real music with real pathos, instead of happy (rhymes with crappy) “inspirational” music. Well, folks, it doesn’t inspire me.

I’m off to big bros for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I haven’t seen him much while living across the pond, but this one will be heavy with family, including some of his in-laws whom I’ve never met. At least the weather is supposed to be nice and the food will be good.

I’m hoping that this Christmas will be a good time for writing. Obsession is finished. I just need to post the rest, which I’ll do a chapter or two a week. I can’t get myself thinking about Hahn at all. It’s such a big work, and I’m finding it a little daunting. I haven’t posted anything of it in a long time, but I’ve got about 20 substantial chapters done (5000 words ea). I’m more inspired by Frying Pan. I’ve got 4 worlds, and a larger cast employed, which gives me more freedom. I’m also obsessed with nudity, and the main character has turned into a Goddess with skin made of Aba. It makes everything it touches like itself, and clothing just dissolves into her. It’s okay though, she looks a lot like one of the women in my header, with a skin tight singlet – more like the one on the right, but with a silver/chrome suit and hair and black eyes (no visible cornea). She’s a Goddess of perfection, and she can tell you to the inch the distance to the black hole that darkens her sky … if she wanted to. If she gives in completely to the power of Aba, she would lose her separate identity.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of that a lot, so maybe I’ll spend more time on it soon. There is a chapter posted at SFF Chronicals, but I haven’t allowed the rest out for popular consumption.

Have a nice Turkey day, y’all. See you on the other side.

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