One of my friends who is an intimacy counselor, posted today that there are two natural chemicals that cause us to become aroused: oxytocin and adrenalin. Those aroused by the latter may require BDSM as a stimulus, that is anything that increases anxiety or tension to a point that it’s release is ecstasy. Oxytocin is more associated with bonding and reproduction. Strangely enough, Wikipedia says that its levels are increased most during self-arousal.

I’m probably an oxytocin junkie. I achieve that aroused high simply by thinking about sex … or not even sex. Writing does it to me, even if I’m not writing about sex. Even my political rants over at The Cult make me wet. The longer I write the better it gets. Maybe that is why I’m so long-winded, yet even in Haiku … well, it’s only 17 syllables, but I often spend the better part of an hour piecing together the best words in the best order. It’s very intensive. I suppose that is intellectual stimulation of the highest form.

(Must keep myself from writing a haiku below. This isn’t the place for that.)

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