Spam and stupidity

“Have a passion for relates to the well known anxiety towards the existence as well development of that which we tend to true love.”  ~ Damen (Nike Free V4)

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Well maybe I could. I received this comment on my Cult site today, and I just couldn’t tell whether it was a legitimate comment from an illiterate or some spam with badly babelfished English. I’m not sure how that comment would encourage me to obtain “free” Nike shoes from them. Yes, I would love free Nikes (since I am an obsessive runner), but I would prefer they weren’t stolen, or I wouldn’t have to travel to Nigeria to pick them up.

I’ve been tempted to take someone up on a Nigeria 419 scam just to see how far they would go before I put myself in a dangerous situation. I’m not stupid enough to step on a plane to Lagos just to be kidnapped trying to launder their money, but a friend that I have worked for (who runs a small business) once took an order for 1000 memory chips, just to see if they would send a cheque. They did, and it was obviously a fake, probably printed out on a colour printer. It had a real signature, but his bank just refused it outright, and charged him a £15 fee. He said it was worth it to satisfy his curiosity, but he’ll never do it again – cleared funds before shipping from then on. Of course, he never even purchased the product to send out.

I just don’t understand these spammers … or from Babelfish, via Spanish, Greek, French, German and back to English: I do not understand what this spammer …

What do they get out of it? Out of millions of spam emails, one dumb sucker might reply? I know just what Ebeneezer Scrooge would say about them, surely something about reducing the surplus population.

Anyway, its “Small Business Saturday” and lunchtime, so it’s time to dive back into some surplus Turkey and watch some college football.

Or not.

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