It is time

Sorry, but I’m going to get serious here. Yesterday’s shooting was a tragedy, and it is time to do something about it. We need to limit the proliferation of guns in this country. Yes, I know the arguments – 2nd Amendment and all that hoohaw. Should we place the freedom of idiots to carry guns over the safety of Americans? Personally, I’d like to see the 2nd Amendment go altogether. The sentiment was right for 1779, but we live in a different world now, and the guns we carry are much more dangerous.

Yes, that isn’t going to happen. So what can we do?

1) Ban assault weapons. That is obvious. There is no good reason for Americans to have them. Hunting? Shit no, unless you plan to mow down a whole herd of deer. That isn’t sport. It’s carnage.

2) Limit the licensing and number of guns per person. You don’t need an arsenal of weapons to protect your home. One will do. One is probably too late anyway.

3) Stop concealed weapon licensing. If you are going to carry a gun, it must be visible to all. It shows the world you are the idiot redneck that you are.

4) Limit licensing to people that have no convictions of any kind, and no history of mental illness.

5) Cooling off period: at least one month from application for a license.

One of the reasons I’m so upset is that a friend of mine was a Newtown parent, whose child survived the massacre. Not only that, another friend’s child was a survivor of the Chardon shootings. All his friends at his table died. He was lucky to have gotten up to go speak to someone else at another table, just before the shooting happened.

There is no justification for arming Americans anymore. Having everyone armed is not an answer. It makes the problem worse. Criminals will always find guns, regardless of laws, but that doesn’t mean that we should all have them. Ban guns, except for simple, single-fire hunting weapons that may be used only under specific circumstances.

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