I usually spend my Christmas holiday writing, but this Christmas I’ve been buried by work. As a freelancer, that means I work through my holiday from my day job. (Working two jobs is no picnic, I’ll tell you …) 

Looking back, I’ve had one of my best years in recent history. I’ve spent so many hours at the day job that I didn’t need to work the freelance job. Of course, I’ve been in demand as an editor, so much that in the second half of the year, it felt like two full time jobs. In fact, I probably could have lived on the only the freelance work.

I feel good about that, but I was looking forward to a break, because the spring is going to be a nightmare. I don’t see any time to do the freelance work at all, but I need to keep my publishers happy. I won’t go begging for work, but I think they are going to come begging for me. I can’t afford to turn them down.

Therefore, my new poem (Don’t Explain) remains unfinished, and I haven’t worked on any of my other projects at all. I have, however, approached a small publisher about the anthology – well, through a friend. If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll self-publish. My writing style is too weird to attract a conventional publisher.

Maybe by Summer, I’ll have some time.

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