It’s that time of year …

silent prayer by kaurflicks

Christmas has always been a time when I am most productive as a writer – more poetry, more prose. I like try to finish things before the rat-race starts over in January. This year, aside from my anthology, I would like to make significant progress on one of my novels. I should really finish the first draft of The Cult of Hahn, but I just don’t feel into it at the moment. I need to re-read the 300 pages I’ve already written, so I can fill some gaps.

I actually feel much more inspired by 18 chapters of Out of the Frying Pan. It stands at 22,000 words, and I should get that up to about 100K to be viable on the Sci-Fi market. That’s too much to finish in what is left of December, so that leaves me the quandary of what to work on. If I worked on Hahn full time for the next 3 weeks, I could probably finish it, but that probably won’t happen.

If you want to read some samples, 6 chapters of The Cult of Hahn are posted on my page and half of a chapter of Out of the Frying Pan is posted at Chrons in the Writers’ Workshop section. It’s not a very big sampling, but it does introduce the main character. You will have to become a member at each site to read my work.

What do you think?

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