Shattered mind

I hate Christmas … and I love it at the same time. It is my most productive time of year; finishing things by year end is a real driver for me. I often get more work from publishers than I know what to do with, as they are cleaning off their desks, too, and that usually means it ends up on mine. “Could you have this done by Jan. 2, please? Thanks.”

Not this year. That means it’s “me” time this Christmas. Unfortunately, I’m on so much medication for the next few weeks, that nothing is coming out. I’m spending the time finishing up some old things – processes that don’t require much thought, like the anthology – but that with my readers at the moment, so I can’t work on that.

The worst thing about Christmas-time is that when I do post something, it doesn’t get read. Who (other than myself) is going to sit in front of their computer on (or around) Christmas reviewing people’s bad poetry and stories (especially stories, in my case)?

Anyway, I needed to vent. Back to doing mindless things …

Happy holidays (whichever you celebrate)!


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