Julia DarkRose Crow-Bone Wytch

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2014
By Julia DarkRose Ray
* (This is a word that I coined back in 2000, on the Internet.)
The truth of enlightenment (Endarkment) is really quite simple.

The body is the supreme temple of transformation, the place where all the forces of the Universe gather to be channeled and transformed into a higher integral order of nature and “spirit.”

Sexuality is not what separates us from enlightenment. Sexuality is an inherent quality of our earth experience which merges us into enlightenment (endarkment for some).

The earth, our world, is its own magic!

Why are so many of the so called enlightened and/or awakened people, always looking for the truths of our Universe outside of their bodies? Why are they always looking everywhere except the one place where their answers lie…inside of them? The truths
which they seek, the enlightenment they desire, is not…

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