Trump’s chumps

Somebody had to say it. The Donald doesn’t have a monopoly on childish name-calling. This one was so obvious, and I’m afraid I’ve stooped to his level.

I couldn’t really accuse The Donald of being a chump, since he is cold and calculating in his manipulation of the media in his quest to become the Führer of the United States. His Chumps just lap it up. Even the media has been suckered. In the rolling Trump cycle that is CNN – we can’t call it a news cycle anymore – we get wall-to-wall Trump. Whether it the measured Jeffrey or the bimbo (yes, I called her a bimbo – she has no brain in her head – she just shouts Trump tripe over the other panelists), Kayleigh, as apologists for Trump, the former correcting whatever non-PC message Trump lets fly that day, or the latter just spewing pap. I get ill just watching the program. I haven’t made it through the first hour of AC 360 yet this week.

At each break, they trail real news, but you don’t get it until 5 minutes before the next hour, and then it’s back to Trump’s chumps. Pundits have estimated that Trump has received more than $1 billion of free news cycle publicity.

Then there are the ads. “Call this number to pledge your support for Donald J Trump. Don’t let Hillary Clinton and the radical left win.”

Now there is a message. No policy. No reasons. Just go for Trump because they don’t like Hillary.

Basically, if Trump doesn’t win, the system is rigged, and poor Donny will just cry all the way to the Supreme Court, which is rigged, too, and we all know that if Clinton wins, it will have 8 members or less until the next Republican Presidency, because the Senate won’t have a Democrat super-majority for the foreseeable future. Why? Because the Bernie Supporters will have stayed away from the polls in November. Yes, more cry-babies that blame the rigged system. The primary system may have its flaws, but actually they are working in Bernie’s favor at the moment. Have you noticed that he has won all the caucus states? Hillary has won most of the states with popular votes. But what about the independents? Why should an independent be allowed to vote to elect a candidate for a political party? That’s oxymoronic. Allowing independents to vote in a party primary allows the vote to be rigged by the other party. So if the GOP nomination is tied up, and California had an open primary, all the (in this case non-registered) Republicans can crash the Democratic Primary by voting for the underdog, i.e. Bernie, in a state that Hillary should carry easily among Democrats. They have already helped Bernie win several states he shouldn’t have.

Back to the Chumps. They feed on anything The Donald says. “Build a wall” Yay! “Close the borders to Muslims!” Yay. “I disavow the KKK!” They are just a bunch of racists anyway, but if they vote for The Donald, that’s OK. He’s being sued for fraud. “They got their money’s worth!” Which isn’t much. Besides, it’s only a civil suit, so that doesn’t really count. As he said, he could shoot someone on the street, and it wouldn’t make any difference to the chumps.

When Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.) said that in a straight choice between Hitler and Stalin, he would choose Stalin (i.e. Cruz), he was right … except that I wouldn’t choose either. He had the correct metaphor, though. The Donald is using the cant of the far right, of the Nazis in the 1930s. He’s the non-establishment candidate who plays on the fears of the chumps. He’s a different sort of Republican, one who looks after middle America. He’s the 1%er that looks out for the little guy. And he’s going to make America great again with his empty promises and tough guy rhetoric. “They’ll listen to me, ‘cuz I’m President Trump, The Donald, The Führer.”

He accuses Hillary of being crooked. (He couldn’t say corrupt, because that would be libelous.) He dredges up stories about how she was Bill’s enabler, about Benghazi (what is she supposed to have done again?), and about her email server. Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice also had one. “But she didn’t use it the same way!” they cry. Whupdeedoo! They still had them. Nobody has actually said that critical classified information leaked, that is, information that was classified at the time it was sent. The GOP has been going after Hillary, since there was the first whiff of her wanting to be President. That’s 20 years of disinformation and smear. It’s all innuendo, and there doesn’t seem to be anything new, yet, The Donald treats it all as new.

Of course, The Donald won’t be convicted of fraud until after he becomes President (if he does). He’s made billions off his real estate business, but he also ran 4 businesses into bankruptcy, costing hundreds, perhaps thousands of jobs.

For me, the bottom line is that you never know which Trump you are going to get from day-to-day, the racist, the misogynist, the bankrupt (moral or financial), the philanderer, the fraud, or the child (i.e. name-caller, poor loser).

Hillary may be the devil you know. I don’t really think she is, but she’s a known quantity, and more likely to have an effective, productive, and prosperous Presidency.

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