Is it really the chump?

Apparently Donald Trump is up 24 hours a day, mostly watching television.

If he isn’t out there on the podium thanking us for his minority Presidency, he’s in front of the boob tube, tweeting out vomit for the news media to gorge on. He said repeatedly during the campaign that he could be presidential, but what does that mean in the terms of DJT? It means making appointments (possibly whomever Mike Pence tells him), and pretending he is President before he even takes office, taking jabs at his (much better qualified) predecessor, and making promises he can’t possibly keep. We’ve hired Liberace to be Alfred Brendel.

Then there are the tweets. I have this theory. Since it isn’t possible to do all the things DJT does in a single day (pretend to run the country and constantly light up the twitter world), it’s that 300 lb guy in the bedroom, drinking beer and watching the tube constantly – you know, the same one he believes hacked the DNC, and couldn’t possibly have influenced the election. Perhaps he didn’t as much as James Comie’s ill-timed burps from the FBI, but those released emails certainly had an immediate effect on the polls.

If it isn’t that 300 lb guy tweeting all the time, DJT is spending too much time playing around, not preparing to govern. Maybe he’s just going to leave that to Mike Pence.

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