Confused … and sad

I was on Facebook today, poking around. While reading a post from a HS friend, I decided to search for my closest friend from HS. He didn’t used to be on FB, so I had lost touch with him, partly due to me living in the UK for 20 years. Last time I saw him was about 2005. We had this long very political discussion, and I realized that we had REALLY grown apart.

It seems all my friends from HS are now really right wing, or very religious. I seem to have returned to a foreign country. He was more libertarian than right wing, but he was anti-tax, pro gun, pro death (a.k.a pro life). I’m a pragmatist, but I’m pretty far left on the political spectrum: tax when tax is needed, pro social welfare, pro choice, etc.

So his FB site pops up. On it was all this pro gun propaganda, pit bull crusades, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant postings. It made me ill. I wanted to cry. Instead of re-connecting, I never wanted to hear from him again.

How does someone who I thought was so cool (in a nerdy sort of way) embrace ideals that I find so ugly and reprehensible? It destroys my faith in humanity.

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