If you can’t stop thinking about sex, think about sex.

I’m back! It’s procrastination time, so here I am. I was just reading over some of my Ezzie Dryar blogs and came across the line above. I had so much fun writing those – perhaps too much.

Anyway, I’m re-reading what I have of The Cult of Hahn. I even wrote a prologue to chapter 2. I’ve been hesitant about writing the prologues, because they are quotes from an unwritten bible from the story: The Book of Cyrus. I’ve been tempted to write the whole thing, but an epic all written in verse, using many different voices of poetry, that’s a big ask. Probably too big for me at this point in my life. I need to finish the last third of The Cult of Hahn first, and that has taken me 10 years. I’ve written the ending, but I have two big gaps to fill, as well as several prologues.

I’ve posted the new prologue in my blog: The Cult of Anne. (That’s where the Ezzie blogs are, too.)

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