Is that a thing?

chocolate cake in gold colored saucer
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

Chocolate wrestling. Surely, I mean mud wrestling, or just wrestling while eating chocolate. (Is that possible?)

I’m a little under the weather today, and I’ll probably be worse tomorrow, so I’ve been pondering. Just pondering. The pic I posted with yesterday’s blog got me thinking, and really thinking in a tangential direction. If you look at her carefully, you’ll see that she has gold (dust?) smeared down the center of her face, around her lips, across the line of her chin, and all over the palms of her hands. When I first saw that, I thought – mmm, caramel.

Not quite, but then I thought about chocolate, the reason for my existence (and you thought it was sex!), being naked and rolling in chocolate, or even better, having chocolate drawn or smeared on me very slowly. It would have to be high class chocolate syrup, like Giardinelli’s, I suppose I would even settle for Hershey’s Magic, something liquid enough that it flowed, but solid enough to keep its shape and not dribble all over – well that has its own attractions, but I want it slow, a single finger, a pinky finger, tracing lines, but not filling in (yet), in a single chocolate line drawing that encompasses my body, and my being.

So … maybe it continues until one of the contestants gives in and “wrestles”. That would be the loser, of phase one, at least. We could award points for artistic expression, sensual delight, with special bonus points for causing one or more climaxes, before the actual wrestling begins.

Make me scream.

One thought on “Is that a thing?

  1. thecultofanne May 30, 2019 / 10:36 pm

    Oh my! It is a thing. Well, it is a version of mud wrestling.

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