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Listless, [list-lis] a, Without a list.


Well, I was without a list today, figuratively. I went all day without writing today’s haiku, and I didn’t have any idea what it would be about until I started it. Even then, I reversed the order of the lines before I posted it. It makes more sense this way, but I probably like it better the original way: The blues

I’m still thinking about writing some Ezzie episodes, so I’ve drawn a card for today:

4 of Swords, Truce. Refuge from mental chaos.

There are other interpretations, but that’s the one I’ll choose. In fact, I’m so rested that nothing is happening in my brain, not even the S-word. That’s me without a list, without meaning, running on a treadmill, never-ending. That should be a good thing, but today it means I’m without my mental faculties. I thrive on that chaos. I AM CHAOS! I need that anxiety, the rough and tumble, the sex obsession. All the plates have stopped spinning. Mush brain, that’s me – Jello that hasn’t quite set, oozing off the spoon, and disappointing the children. I haven’t even got the brain cells to give this paragraph the full Ezzie.

By the way, the second book of Ezzie is here, but it is in reverse order.

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