Once bitten, twice …

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

… bitten, three times, well … bitten.

I went to a neighborhood gathering last night, and in addition to getting staggeringly drunk (which is not hard for me, but doesn’t happen often), some insect decided that I tasted sublime. (Men have told me the same thing!) Somehow my knees were exceptionally delectable, in spite of my jeans. I also received a nasty bite on my abdomen through a cotton blouse.

As you may have noticed, I have become obsessed with the underwater photography of Engin Akyurt, which I will feature either until I run out of photos that I like (which may take awhile), or until this obsession runs its course. There are some that are labeled Pixabay, that are obviously still him. I don’t know why they get labeled that way.

Today, my haiku centers on the 13th letter of the alphabet: M

That was the final version, but the cutting room floor also has this one:

midnight melting time
mother moon make me magic
move me, mes amies

Actually, I lied. This one I just composed out of the mess on the cutting room floor. The first line was written before the M theme came. Mes amies was originally mi amor. So here is the true cutting floor. Notice the wrong number of syllables in the first line. That brought about a drastic change.

My molten midnight magic
move me, mon amour

I may try to rectify that and keep it.

Well, I’m in the groove, so today’s card is:

7 of Disks: Failure.

Little gain from much labor. That’s the meaning I’ll take from it. Or maybe sloth. I should be doing other more fruitful things, like finishing one of my books or writing some real poetry … or maybe even earning some money.

Maybe it’s that time melting away.

And while I’m distracted, I just posted 29. Distraction on Eirica Johnstone’s Obsession. One more left.

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