News of an ambivalent nature

standing woman in front of white and gray concrete house
Photo by Andrew Haimerl on

This is a draft message that I thought I posted but didn’t from early April:

I’m in a holding pattern. I’ve become a great aunt. Yay! (Although that doesn’t make me as old as it sounds.) My sick relatives are still sick – neither is declining, but neither is completely out of the woods yet. One still has a lot of woods to go. The parents are still ageing.

I still lack inspiration, although I now have some more time. I might try reading through my unpublished book of short stories, probably doing another edit. I still need a cover drawing/picture. I’m thinking of a pen and ink drawing of a rose. (The tattoo between Sheera’s breasts.) I’d really like something more dramatic and photographic. Like a woman, bound to a chair covered by only a thin blue veil. (I can be demanding, can’t I?) I may just find something simple (stock photo?) and publish it on KDP. Stay tuned.

I’m also considering returning to my novel, The Cult of Hahn. There isn’t much left to write, but there is a lot to rewrite, since I’ve been working on it for over a decade, and I’ve changed a lot over that time.

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