Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

I’m traveling now, so some of my resources are unavailable, principally my tarot cards. I may try to find some kind of random way of generating some kind of inspiration. Let’s see how it goes. I’ve posted today’s haiku, but sadly nothing for yesterday. Packing and driving, driving and driving, deluge driving, almost floating away. Blah.

That said, a program on the radio inspired this haiku: Belief

I was driving through a radio wasteland, where all I could get were bible-bashing and country music. Fortunately, I found an NPR station.

Random card:

Prince of Disks. Slow in following and developing goals, but unwavering in the pursuit of them.

Now there is a conundrum. The random card generator doesn’t seem to show cards inverted, and that doesn’t really help either (stubborn, corrupted). Perhaps I’m still in that developing of ghouls … err, goals stage. Erg, Ezzie is rearing her head without my bidding. I’ve been typing things like “in spiration”, separating rats, (there’s a rat in separate), um, separating prefixes all morning.

Maybe I need more sleep.

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