The Big Sky


Photo by Ivan Obolensky from Pexels

Today was all about memories. Maybe that has more to do with yesterday’s draw, than today’s. I was visiting elderly relatives, and was asking them about their childhood, their parents, and bygone days – 5 cent bus fares into the city unchaperoned.

Now that seems quite unusual in these hypersensitive times, but when I was a child, I traveled all over the neighborhood, even to a friend’s house or school, each of which was a half mile away. Did my parents know where I was? Not really. They had a vague idea, but rarely was I where I told them I would be. I was in middle America not near enough to a big city to know what the bus fare was. I knew what a corn field was, but I didn’t have anything to do with it, other than picking through it after it was harvested. (They always missed a few ears, but it was feed corn – better for pigs.)

I remember the big sky, watching storms wander by, and scary tornado watches announced on our black & white television, staying up late to watch Neil Armstrong step on the moon for the first time, and looking up at it, hoping to catch a glimpse of the spacecraft. (Ha!)

Haiku for the day: Truth, Myth, Memory

8 of Disks. Prudence. Being Careful. Thinking twice before doing.

Again, I wonder if this is for tomorrow, my last day before returning to the old country, my old home, but not my oldest home. I’m going back for some inspiration, to see some old friends and to chill (possibly literally – it can be cold in Yorkshire during the summer). I need to be careful about what I pack, and about how much I tire myself out. I need to think prudently, but not be overly careful.


6 responses to “The Big Sky

  1. Memories truly are magical, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing such a lovely post that was decorated with heart warming emotions. According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. ☺️🙏
    P. S.: Good luck, for your trip back to Yorkshire. 😀

  2. I may think deeply, but I hardly think things through. I’m more of the kind to burn the world down, vindicated.

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