Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

I fly tomorrow, through the night
the moon as my companion,
dreaming of lost loves

I land in a new dawn,
the start of a day, of history,
the return of my past
the beginning of my future

I regret, yet I face forward
leaving that past behind
dreaming of beginnings

I am the Priestess,
the vessel of the power,
molding my world anew
I make myself whole.


II. The Priestess. Pure gracious influence, fluctuation. Intuition.

I must trust myself to make the right decisions, follow the moon, my mother and spirit guide. Things will go in the right direction.

No. I don’t have an “agenda” for this trip, but I believe this will be a pivotal summer for me. I have no idea in what way, but I think it will shape my future, and my future happiness. Oddly, I feel both the draw of home, but the necessity of departure, if only temporarily. See you on the other side. Oh, yeah, that’s a poem above. I’ll post it where it belongs at some point.

Possibly last Haiku stateside for a while: Sense

One thought on “Abstinence

  1. Kalliope June 13, 2019 / 9:47 am

    Yeah! Annie waits no more! The siren heart found her flounder, set her own hearth a flutter. Papillon, papi’s home.

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