Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

I believe.

I believe in my disbelief and my unbelief.

I believe in love, love of one another, and love of the power behind all things. I believe that all sentient beings were made to love, yet some love the wrong things in the wrong way. That is part of living.

I believe in freedom. The freedom to express, to say the wrong things as well as the right things, to do the wrong things as well as the right ones. I am free to cover or uncover, to show or conceal, it is up to me to make choices and leave others free to make their own choices.

I believe in knowledge and truth, as well as lies and half truths. All are equal. All serve a purpose. I will often tell you if I am lying. In that I reveal my truth without revealing data that you shouldn’t know.

I believe that I cannot truly know right and wrong, yet anything that violates love, freedom, truth, or knowledge, or those rights of others, cannot be truly right. Who am I to judge, and what right does the “church” have to judge?

I believe there is more than what the church offers. There are coincidences that cannot be explained by traditional religion.

I consider myself a lapsed-Catholic, yet I still go to church regularly. I do not belong to a particular parish. I do not believe in doctrine, yet the core is still there and is tucked somewhere in my beliefs. Much of church doctrine was designed to control their believers.

I believe there is a power behind all things that bestows talents on everyone by design.

I have been involved with Wiccans, yet I am not of their number. The experiences that I have had with them are the same as what has turned me off from traditional Catholicism. I have read tarot, cast spells, and even expelled a ghost (although that isn’t what I would really call it – releasing her is probably a better description). As I describe them in my Ezzie stories, these are blind talents. I am not sensitive to ghosts, yet I have had friends who were, and things I did (on my own) were reported back to me. A spell had accidentally disturbed a ghost, and a healing spell that I later cast released the ghost. Again I did this without the knowledge of the others, and they later reported that the ghost had left, and that it happened the night I cast the spell. Spells have consequences, and I have learned to fear those consequences. They change what is natural and that must be balanced. That is why I no longer cast them.

I believe that the Tarot reads the indications of the present, not a predestined future.

I came to the Tarot by accident. A friend of mine had a Rider-Waite deck, and since I had had several readings done, I knew a little about them. This friend asked me to explain them. I thought the best way to do it was through a reading – I really had no idea what I was doing. In the reading I made a prediction (by misreading a card, in fact) that came true – very clearly – the next day. I have done random readings for friends, but not recently, and I no longer read for myself. (There was one card that came up in every reading for me over a span of 2-3 years, which I could never explain.)

I believe in dreams. I have dreamed of people years before I met them.

I believe in reincarnation, although I can’t say I understand it. I have met people who I instantly click with, like I’ve known them forever. I suspect it is because I have.

These are all things that determine who I am.

I am the Carnal Goddess, the Angel of Love, the Black Heart, a solitary, and a Priestess with given talents of fantasy, creation, and interpretation. All things come from within.

Who are you?

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