It’s not cricket!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Actually, yes it was. I was asked to be 11th “man” on a cricket team yesterday, and ever the sporty type (as well as constant rain in the forecast), I agreed. It was pouring rain when I left to drive into town, but it cleared up by the time I arrived. I figured they would hide me down at the bottom of the order, and after briefly penciling me in at No. 1, I found myself more logically at No. 7. We fielded first and were hemorrhaging runs for the first few overs, but after the first two wickets, their order wasn’t very deep. They finished their 20 overs at 87 for 8, an attainable goal, as we were surprisingly deep in batting. For a while it looked like we would beat their total without me batting at all. With 3 overs to go and a tie score, I padded up. All we needed was one to win. A wicket maiden, and I was in at the non-striker’s end with a competent batter at the other end. Or so I thought. Three balls – oompf. Wicket. Another competent batter in. Nothing. Last over, I’m now the striker. I’m facing one of their good bowlers who they saved for the end. I tried hard not to think about it too much. (I did play a little cricket when I lived here.)

One ball, one swing, one run. Victory. My tiny contribution to a winning cause.

I should give you a little history. I used to play a lot of softball and a little bit of hardball (with my brother and his friends) when I was young, so I’m not afraid of a ball coming at me at speed.

Apologies to my American friends who have no idea what I’ve been talking about.

Anyway, I hadn’t thought to prepare myself for bright sunshine throughout and have morphed into a lobster.

2 of Wands. Dominion.

I guess that explains it. There is no gain without pain. You must destroy the old to start anew … which doesn’t really fit in this case, but we won, and I sacrificed my body for the cause. I even dove for a possible catch. (It fell tantalizingly short of my outstretched hands.)

Oh yes. My summer solstice haiku: sunburn.

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