red and blue hot air balloon floating on air on body of water during night time
Photo by Bess Hamiti on

I went to a party last night. You must think that’s all I’m doing on my trip, but actually this was the only one. I’m seeing old friends, playing a little cricket, and touring the countryside when I’m not cozied up with my laptop journaling my journey for you. Last night, we watched a hot air balloon land very near the house of the party’s host. The kids (err, not mine) loved it. It was a crisp clear evening (and I left my jacket in the car).

I got some good news and some bad. It appears that my mentor is in better condition than they thought, and I hope to see him next week. His wife was at the reception before the party last night. I also received an update on the health of one of my siblings. That was less good – not horrible – but troubling, partly for its lack of detail.

I finally got a little work done yesterday, not much, but it’s a start and could lead to a more significant chunk later on.

After all that, here is today’s haiku: Delirium

Today’s card: Queen of Swords

She is the clear, conscious perception of Idea, a keen observer, and perceptive interpreter. Some have read that card as me, but I prefer, or at least hope, that it means I’m getting on track with my work and possibly some clarity with the project at hand.

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