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Far from chaotic, today was a day of reconnection, a sublime new restaurant (awesome Mexican egg breakfast), and whimsical thoughts. How do I get chaos from that?

I am the seed of chaos. That’s a new one for you. I bring chaos, the fury and passion of love, and all the fluttering of the heart that goes with it. As you can see from the array of topics of my recent haiku, I flit about from subject to subject, emotion to emotion as the wind blows, as the devil (or angels) take me: sunburn, delirium, death, weather, sex, and today: sleep or more sex, depending on how you interpret it.

Today’s card:

3 of Swords. Sorrow.

Why sorrow? It’s the dark and heavy womb of chaos. It is also the transcendence of the natural order, secrecy, and/or perversion. (This wouldn’t be the first accusation of perversion. You should should see the review of my first Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Award entry! “A series of sexual fantasies…”) Erotic yes, perverted no. Stir the pot, let the fantasies boil. The storm broods under implacable night.

Well, it is supposed to storm in a couple of hours. The night, my boudoir, lit large by an electrical storm, stirs fantasy, engenders chaos. Ecstasy.

One thought on “Chaotic

  1. Kalliope June 23, 2019 / 8:08 pm

    3 of swords? I give you the song “heart to break” by Kim Petras. 🦄

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