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What is “adult language?” Simply, it is language suitable for adults. If you were to go to and look at any of my writings there, you would see them all tagged for mature or adult content, regardless of their actual content. To put it simply, I am writing for adults and do not wish to be constricted by having to worry about who is reading it. That said, I don’t believe in shielding children unnecessarily from content that they would come across everyday. I have had students in my classes swear, and then apologize to me needlessly. Personally, I rarely swear, but I will in class for dramatic effect or emphasis. My students are at university, and I would probably get admonished if I did it in a high school or lower. Frankly, they hear and use worse language everyday. I would prefer that it was saved for when it was needed or appropriate, but that’s just me.

Why did I bring this up? One of my friends started me thinking about all things language: how beautiful it can be, how sensual it can be, how it can be used, twisted, transformed, and newly created. I once created a language for a story I was writing – just the bare-bones – well, actually, I’ve done it three times to varying degrees: a Welsh-like derivative, a mono-syllabic language based on intonation, and a Latinate babble.

We create language all the time, we use metaphor, rhyme, onomatopoeia, alliteration, we combine words – German does this all the time, but I’m really just talking generically here. In adulthood we develop a rich vocabulary, which we later lose as our minds deteriorate, either through old age or dementia (like a certain President). We need a thesaurus to find that perfect word that may have been on the tips of our tongues a decade ago. Our words become shorter with fewer syllables, and we tend to overuse words as our vocabulary shrinks. For a while, I used to expand my palette, although there were so many words there that I had never seen used, like “limn” which I’ve seen only a few times since, but many of them I have never seen in the wild. I’m a Maven there, which means I’ve earned over 300,000 points.

While I may not have the richest vocabulary on the planet, I do have a passing knowledge of several languages and I use them in my writing. I’m not fluent in anything but English, but my musical training adds a smattering of French, German, and Italian, which opens doors to some other European languages.

We can also create new words to express the otherwise inexpressible. A couple of days ago, I coined the term metarepresentationalist, and its adverb form, metarepresentationalistically, just because I wanted a word that carried some meaning with a lot – a LOT – of syllables. So in this case, a representationalist is someone who creates representations of something, like a pseudonym (Anne Martin, Ezzie Dryar, Eirica Johnstone, as well as the Carnal Goddess, The Seed of Chaos, The Black Heart, the Angel of Love). Those are all representations of me that I have created over the last decade or more for a variety of reasons, secrecy, whimsy, etc. So the reverse of that, the being that brings all that together, or the one who discusses it is the metarepresentationalist, which is, I suppose yet another representation. Would that be a metametarepresentationalist? Err … I don’t know, and I risk falling down the black hole of my presentation. I’ll leave you with that.

Today’s haiku: Thunder

Today’s card:

XXI. The Universe. Completion, fruition, the logical completion of the evolution of the Fool.

We begin in innocence, with a lack of self-knowledge, and progress through education and experience to become wise and mature. Some of us do, anyway – balanced in the fortune and joy of the Universe.

Honestly, I didn’t draw the card until after I wrote today’s piece, but it seems appropriate. I can sit and spend the day in the glorification of my own smugness, beauty, and wisdom.

Maybe I’ll just go buy some ice cream.

6 thoughts on “Language

  1. Kalliope June 24, 2019 / 11:55 am

    Scream into the abyss with me! WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED! Or you can squeal it, sing it, squeak it, tweak it. In any manner you so wish, just voice your truth so it exists! Then your power is undeniable, to describe what was once indescribable… or undesirable? Or was it more/less babble? Fuck it. Punk. 🎠

    • thecultofanne June 24, 2019 / 12:34 pm

      How about if we squannkilch it? wE wILL nOT bE sILENCED!

      I started a haiku (that wasn’t a haiku) yesterday: Bubble, babble, trouble trabble, scrabble, scramble, bramble, ramble, rumble, bumble … and then I lost momentum because I couldn’t get odd numbered lines. Squidge!


      • Kalliope June 24, 2019 / 1:46 pm

        Vey. Technicalities. Splice your words in half to take the sibyl and have your way with her syllables. Vex the Rex, Annex has an Axe! 🎸
        Stirring the pot with our swords, but sometimes we need a bow, staff or axe.

      • thecultofanne June 24, 2019 / 2:21 pm

        Yeah, it’s those technicalities that drive my OCD nuts, making nonsense out of sense, stirring the pot with a certain dismembered member – having just written a poem that was going to be sensual about desire and wonder-lust, that turned about to be about depression and loss. (I’m not sure it’s very good.)

        Maybe I just need a verbal wank.

      • Kalliope June 24, 2019 / 2:29 pm

        Say whatever you need to say, take however long you need to say it, blah blahs are bubbles that we can pop and blow more. If I get too sad, I cannot write for my writing becomes me screaming at myself while crying.

  2. thecultofanne June 24, 2019 / 2:45 pm

    There are times when I can completely let myself go – and my writing flows like yours when you are your free-flowing self. I can even get that way in my haiku, but I just can’t get there when I’m writing poetry. It goes where it wants to go, and I seem only to have veto power, no volition.

    My emotions stay confined – no crying or screaming – a tamed lioness within.

    (Get some sleep!)

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