stumped, stooping

Photo by Juliana Stein from Pexels

I stooped to the random word generator for my haiku again today: disappointment. Yesterday was a blah day. Wandered around town to get things for the flat, but didn’t take a list. I forgot a few things, so I’ll have to go out again today.

I make lists, but I never look at them. I usually remember what I write on them, so why write them? The mere act of writing commits it to memory. I used to take notes in class, but never looked at them. I know where to look if I forget something.

I’m an elephant.

Well, not if you look at me. I don’t carry any (or much) extra weight.

OK, people to phone, places to go, people to see, so here is today’s card.

7 of Disks. Failure

Here there is a difference between Thoth and Rider Waite interpretations. Thoth tends toward Blight, things that are rotten or spoiled. I need to buy milk, but I better be certain to look at the sell by date. Rider-Waite emphasizes the long term view, sustainable results and investment, also persistence and success through hard work. To me, that seems more in keeping with the number seven, which is one of my lucky numbers. Do I really believe in lucky numbers? Certainly, when I’ve been associated with the numbers 7 or 11, and 3 to a lesser extent, good things have happened. I don’t know how that relates to me today. I’m not expecting anything, any news or anything like that. Today is just a day to get things done.

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