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I had a burst of creativity yesterday, due to a dream I had the night before last. It was a bit fuzzy, I was with two horn players that I know from way back, or maybe I was one of them, and there was another person. It was strange in that I felt like I was two different people in the dream. Someone was in danger. That may have been me, but I refused to believe it. There was a drone in the area. Perhaps it was about to attack. There was certainly a small one watching us. The building we were near was on a cliff. One of the horn players lunged at me and we went toppling down the cliff, but about halfway down, she grabbed my hand and pulled me around through an opening. Inside, there was a staircase of parallel ovals that let to a room where we were safe.

I started writing Breathless but it became Forever, which is related to the dream. I can’t get the dream out of my head, so there may be more to come.

I finally went for another run today. My ankle is still bothering me. It didn’t hurt any more, but it never did loosen up. I’m not sure how to proceed with it, other than to wait and see how it reacts.

Today’s haiku: alone among

Today’s card:

3 of Cups. Abundance.

This is another place where my sources differ. One says celebration, friendship, collaborations. Another indicates fulfillment of love, joy, and spiritual fertility, but it implies that this abundance should be distrusted.

My take on it is that 3’s are usually good. “Good things come in threes,” “Third time’s a charm.” While 2 indicates a close relationship like love, but three is more open, like friendship. Three is also a spiritual number, so I could agree with that.

How does it relate to me today? I don’t really see it. I’m going to the store to buy, then I’ll settle in front of the tennis for the duration. Maybe it will be inspiring or a transcendent experience.

One thought on “dreamy

  1. Kalliope July 6, 2019 / 1:35 pm

    Hot dog giggity. 3 cups to me is merry making, frivolity, and more of the same self wankery bullshit that once was fun but never changes. Let the good times roll (and the little one says roll over!) So they all rolled over and one falls out, and wonders why it was her that had to fall .. as if there was purpose to everything that did befall her.

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