My sensual centre

Photo by Rikki Matsumoto from Pexels

My rentboy is around here somewhere, but I just can’t find him.

I have an itch that needs to be scratched, or better yet, caressed. I need to find my sweaty, sultry, inner Anne, that impure soul of need, playful at times, but borne of desire and sensuality. She wants to come out and play, romp, wrestle, and get her kit off. Those who have been around a while know about my obsession with nudity, baring in all – I need that now, to find my sensual centre and expose it for you.

One, alone in desire
a burning ember,
needs a two,
to reach critical mass,
select the nuclear option,
detonating with pent up need
to hell with the fallout

mounds under pure sheets
bursting with intent
ambition, a smoldering
fire released in a storm
of caress, of touch,
in salty tears of joy,
I’m bewitched.

Ugh, I shouldn’t have done that here. I’ll copy it to its proper place in due time. Meanwhile, today’s haiku comes from a similar place: Thirst

Today’s card:

I picked the Magus again, but my alternative pick is:

2 of Wands. Dominion.

Future progress, planning, discovery. The creative will. The act of creation that destroys the old order.

That’s more like it, the Magus, a creator, and the creative will. Need I say more? That rentboy is definitely around here somewhere!

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