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We are about to find out how racist America really is. – David Smith, The Guardian

Fun Anne is comatose today, so you get me ….

Today’s haiku is: Patriotism

In the past couple of days our amateur President has just shown us how amateur (at being President) he really is. He attacks members of congress for who they are in an effort to cover up the effects of his failed policies, exhibited by soaring illegal immigration, raids, and the images of the Vice President viewing immigrants in cages. He told four women of color to go back where they came from, when three of the four of them were born in America, and the other came from Somalia when she was a young child, so she would have hardly known that country.

This is the Chump’s standard campaign practice. Steal the narrative, dominate the news cycle every day, and it doesn’t matter if it is bad or good. Bury your opponent’s narrative and call them names. The (racist) base will stand by you regardless of what you say, and you sow seeds of doubt about your opponents and divide them. I’m not sure that is what is happening here. He seems to be dividing his own party at the same time, except … well … the idiot in charge (Mitch McConnell) who is silent. I thought Lindsey Graham had a lot of good things to say in the last election, but he has drunk the Cool-Aid. Yesterday, he sounded like a Fascist, scaremongering about a mythical socialist surge in the Democratic party. Mr. Graham, you have lost all credibility with me. It is time to step down.

We have returned to 1930’s Germany. I said this two years ago. We are recovering from a recession, while our leaders preach anti-immigration policies that divide us. Nationalist parties thrive. We glorify our military might and goad our enemies (and create new ones). We refuse to negotiate and compromise. Dr Faust (the amateur) is in total control of Mephisopheles (Pence), who is waiting for him to come crashing down and take over power. The amateur will win the next election somehow, again losing the popular vote. The Chump will then be impeached and the iconoclast Pence will be in control. You can see I’m not optimistic. What’s worse is the UK will crash out of Europe without a deal.

I’m a loser on both sides of the Atlantic.

And what card did I choose?

5 of Swords. Defeat.

Conflict, disagreement, discontent. Do I need to go on?

Now back to our usual programming.


5 thoughts on “Racist

    • thecultofanne July 16, 2019 / 12:52 pm

      I did a personality test a long time ago. I can’t find the results, but I think I’m an INTJ. Most of that seems to fit anyway. That probably means I’m more one to sit and stew about it.

      • Kalliope July 16, 2019 / 1:01 pm

        Before the eventual great flipping of switchtypes, I was ESFJ and he was INTJ. That means I can still use my intj & enfp memes!

      • thecultofanne July 16, 2019 / 1:02 pm

        I don’t know if I took the test before the switch, probably around 2005-8.

      • Kalliope July 16, 2019 / 1:07 pm

        It depends on when you’d classify the switch. I don’t know when it occurred, only that it did, and that I noticed there was a switch up at all. *shrugs*

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