Self awareness

Photo by fikret kabay from Pexels

Fresh from yesterday’s omnibus edition on The Cult of Anne, I’m keeping my head low today, horizontal when possible. I’m thinking of things, people, people-things, thingamajigs, thingamadoodles, thingamabobs, thingies, thingy-things, and people. I’m surprised that Google’s dictionary contains thingamajigs, but not thingamadoodles.

One of life’s great mysteries.

I’m thinking of Aba. What is Aba? It is the vital substance, the living blood of Hellfyre, a planet in my unfinished novel, Out of the Frying Pan. I posted the first half of chapter one on TCoA a long time ago, but I just posted the second half of the chapter, when Lena Carthage discovers herself … well, let’s just stop there. She discovers her self.

I imagine myself, changed as Lena was, into this manifestation of a metaphysical being, struggling to maintain her self-awareness while tapping into the universal knowledge of Aba. I don’t know how long I could manage that. Will I ever finish the book? I don’t know. I’ve written 18 chapters, and there is a fundamental issue that I still need to solve.

Someday, I will put it together and finish a novel.

In the meantime, here is something more manageable: Today’s haiku: Teach

Today’s card:

4 of Cups. Luxury.

Have we had this one already? Alternative meanings for this are meditation and contemplation. I’m comfortable with that today.


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