Turning the page

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

I’m just poking my head in while I’m on the road, seeing old friends, who are part of my extended family. I went out for a run this morning, my first in about 10 days, testing out my ankle. It still hurts, and I will probably have it looked at when I return home. My friend wants to run 10K tomorrow, and I don’t know if I’ll be up to it. The distance is fine; the ankle is questionable.

It is supposed to be raining outside (like it was all day yesterday), but it is bright and sunny. I’m in the English countryside and all is well – until I return home next week. Reality will hit, and I’ll have to start preparing for next semester. My summer work isn’t finished, and I have so much to do before heading home that I probably won’t get any of that work done.

My haiku for today is dredged from my past, the haiku is new, the past is past: Design fault.

Today’s card:

Prince of Cups

This is often an intense and creative person. He can be turbulent and moody, as well as secretive. In this case, he is probably the subject of my haiku. I’ve been thinking back about him. He’s physically gone, long gone, but I still think about him, and I shouldn’t. It’s not good for me. It depresses me on a day that should be socially bright and sunny.

I’m going to turn the page now and engage with my hosts.

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