4 ways to earn my love and affection, and 3 ways to annoy me.


I’ve been lamenting the fact that in spite of the fact (Redundancy Department redundancy warning, I’ve been redundant here – get over it) that I’m receiving so many likes and follows lately, few have commented. Instead of my usual cynical self-obsession, you get the core of my cynical bitchdom.

If you want my love and affection:

  1. Comment on my posts. Say something about the post. Don’t just say “Great Post!” or “Nice work.” Bring yourself into my world, and I will enter yours, if you wish.
  2. If you follow me or “like” me, I’ll take a look at yours, but don’t expect me to comment, unless it is something that interests me.
  3. Engage with me. I’m human. I like to be loved.
  4. Play with me.

You annoy me by:

  1. Making generic comments on my posts. I’m getting tired of them, and will stop approving them.
  2. Advertising your site in my comments. I’m OK with you putting a link to something on your WP if it is relevant to a point that you are trying to make in your comment that has something to do with what I have written.
  3. Repeatedly liking the same post over and over just to get my attention. One simple, relevant comment will do that 100 times over, and might grab the attention of my other readers.

What interests me? Engagement, Sexy wordsmithing, personality, innovative poetry, experimental writing. YOU BEING YOU, not a robot desperate for follows.

2 thoughts on “4 ways to earn my love and affection, and 3 ways to annoy me.

  1. Kalliope July 22, 2019 / 9:26 am

    Right now writing up some personal conspiracy crap of my self out to get me on my cult page. LOL. Gathering facts and stuff!!!!

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