Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

Delivery is the word on everyone’s lips in the UK at the moment. I received a delivery this morning, and another yesterday. I can talk about my delivery as in how I deliver my cynical agenda here in this place.

Of course, everyone else is talking about delivering Brexit, but nobody really knows what that means. Does it mean splitting with Europe completely? Or does it mean just taking a step back, or somewhere in between? It’s my view that the more complete the split, the longer it will hurt. A no deal Brexit could mean 10-20 years of realignment and recession. The Brits are barely out of the last one, and are still reeling from austerity: NHS cuts, Education cuts, military cuts, and more. The pound has fallen 15% against the US dollar, and stands to fall much further after a Brexit of any sort.

The amateur President thinks this is all a good idea. Why? It weakens the UK and Europe. He’s all in favor of stifling competition. Witness that the aP has refused to help the UK recover its tanker in a conflict that the aP’s administration initiated. So much for the special relationship.

As BoJo (the clown and self-proclaimed DUDE) takes the reigns in a few hours, he’ll find that all the promises he made during his campaign are impossible or at least unlikely to fulfill. You can’t cut taxes and increase spending significantly without escalating the deficit. (Just look at the US!) They say cutting taxes will increase growth, as well as revenue. Historically, this never really works. Trickle down usually ends up as trickle up at the expense of the middle class. Look at the US.

Am I looking forward to this delivery. Nope. I’m stamping it “RETURN TO SENDER.”

349016 – that’s the random number for the day.

Describe – the random word of the day.

No connection. I’m singularly uninspired today. Not even the history of Gladstone’s axe (on Radio 4 at the moment) speaks to me.  Interestingly, axe is not in Google’s US English dictionary.

Today’s haiku: Ate

I’m finished. Back to regularly scheduled clothing.

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