Offline, offput, off-centre

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

I start my travels again tomorrow, so today is errand, cleanup, and pack day, so I might be absent for a while.

The end of my summer UK trip is always full of mixed emotions. I’m itching to get home to do all the work I should have done while I was here, and to act on some ideas that arose, as well as get back to more familiar surroundings. I also want to get back to see my sister, the more critically ill of my sibs, who has had a hard summer. There is a big family gathering tomorrow, but I won’t be back yet, so I’ll have to plan a trip later in the week.

Then there are all the things that keep me coming back to the UK every year. Longstanding friends, memories, and most of all the countryside. The politics here are only marginally better than at home. That’s depressing.

I’ve been struggling for something cocky or cynical or funny to impart to you as I depart, but part of me detests parting as I leave this apartment.

Today’s haiku: Invisible



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