To be random or not to be

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

Just in time, I caught that I posted my haiku in the wrong place: Incompatible, in come pat Able.

And who is Able? Are you able or Able, or maybe Abel, fit to be caned, or perhaps Abel was Cained.

I was just looking at our biblical family tree, which after Eve contains only the male line. Cain and Abel had a brother, Seth, and two sisters (possibly more), Azura and Awan, the latter being Cain’s wife and the former, both Abel and Seth’s, although Azura only bore children to Seth. The bible itself is remarkably mute on the subject, probably because this is all incest. We have to lean on later Hebrew tradition for this information. Is that because Judaism is matrilineal? Besides, if there weren’t sisters, who would Cain and Seth have had children with? Eve? Did Cain come sneaking back to have sex with his mother after he was banished to the land of Nod?

I actually used to live close to the Land of Nod, and in fact drove past only a month ago.

As tradition has it, Cain continued his life of crime in the Land of Nod (East of Eden) – whoa, does that mean that Eden is like … Leeds? Or Manchester? Anyway, who was Cain stealing from, and how did his not yet born sister/wife find him after she was of child-bearing age?

So, Pops (Adam), I need to get laid, and Seth is already humping Azura, so I’m going to head east and find that thief/murderer of a son of yours, Cain. And by the way, would you mind telling me about the birds and the bees, just in case I find him?

Needle, haystack? Or perhaps the Land of Nod was a desert wasteland where you could see a man a mile away. (Of course, there would be nothing to eat there.) Did he steal food from Eden? (The Land of Nod in Yorkshire is a lush place, by the way.)

For what it’s worth, in a novel I’ve written under another name, Eden is in the Bermuda Triangle, and you need to be an angel (and in dire need) to find it. If Cain went East, he swam.

Today’s random word: Desirable.

That’s me!

And the random number: 750,068

And me being random: Blugelfest

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