I’m writing, aren’t I?


I’ve been busy pre-loading Late Nights with Ezzie Dryar on EJO, and only just realized that I hadn’t posted today’s haiku, nor written here. I still having written the next installment of Planet Ezzie – I’m still thinking about it. I realized that LNwED was written while I was living in the UK, so it’s in UK English. Live with it. I’m not going to re-edit it.

I almost abbreviated the title as Late Nights with ED, but that has an unfortunate connotation, two actually, ED could be Erectile Dysfunction or it could be Ed, like Mr Ed, or Prince Edward, or any Ed you can name. Of course, I wouldn’t know about ED, i.e. from a personal point of view, as I lack … you know …*

Anyway, hot on the heels of Purity, today’s haiku is Parity.

In spite of all my posting today, I’m feeling a singular lack of inspiration. In fact, I’m feeling singular, a little alone. Singularette?

What if I was feeling like two today?

Would that be duoular? Or like three, triangular, like the three-wheeled Harley that just drove by. I couldn’t hear it. Maybe it wasn’t a Harley, just something that looked like one.

I wouldn’t mind feeling modular.

That would be more efficient. Connect only the body parts that I need today, perhaps only the few cells of my brain the are relevant – maybe revelant, or reverent, or revolutionary. I’m sure your head is revolving by now, i.e. spinning … but I’m certainly winning if I’ve twisted your brain into knots. That would be a lie, however, since it’s already in knots. It’s built that way, you know. Ah, revelatory.

Anyway, this wouldn’t be an effective blog post unless I left you with a word of wisdom:

Pararelevantulary. adj. Something that pretends to be relevant.

*No Eds were injured in the writing of this blog. None that I’m aware of, at least.

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