Photo by Bruno Thethe from Pexels

I have a confession to make. I’m not doing this for you.

I’m doing it for me. Yes, there is a certain amount of gratification to be found in all the likes, follows, and in the few comments that I get, but the bottom line is for me. It’s personal and it’s selfish. In my stream of consciousness rants, I discuss the act of writing being a sexual thing for me. I get off on stringing together witty or clever phrases, alliteration, making up words, transforming words into something else. When I’m writing those rants, or even after a long session of prose, I’m literally damp at the end. I shouldn’t admit it, but there it is.

Poetry is something different. I gush less and am more careful with my words. The rush is the same though, but on a different level.

Of course, I do want you to feel the same way about it as I do, to feel the rush, the heat, and even the release that motivates me. I also aim to tease you a little. I want to seduce you.

I want to control you.

As I’ve said before, I’m not into the dom/sub thing. I just like you wrapped around my little finger, waiting, anticipating what I might do next, and then I’ll squeeze you a little before going somewhere entirely unexpected. I head my missive with a photo that either puts you in the mood or teases you, then the game begins.

Do you feel hornswoggled? I hope so.

Today’s haiku: Under Wraps. It’s a little weird, and I may change the first line eventually to Will you bathe with me? Does that work better for you? I’m really thinking about being in a pool with you.

I’ve passed my goal of increasing my total of haiku to over 100. It stands officially at 110, but there are about 5 more embedded in some comments. I may back off on them and concentrate more on Ezzie, as well as the final edit of my anthology, or Annethology, as I like to call it. It’s official title is The Veil of Sheera and other Tales.* A new semester is about to begin, and I need to start devoting my time to this years flock of impressionable young minds.

I won’t be as regular here, but I will at least try to keep Ezzie busy on a reasonable basis, either the rerun of the original series, or the new one.

And here is another pic to remember me by:

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels


*I’m still looking for cover art, if anyone wants to provide some – ideally a naked woman (Princess) bound to a chair and covered by a veil to tantalize officials who need to be blackmailed. The story is on TCoA, if you need more information. She does have a royal tattoo of a rose between her breasts, and it must be partially visible through the veil. I prefer photos, but a good detailed drawing may be more appropriate. If I have no takers, I may resort to Pexels for something suitable.

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