Drawn to shiny things

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

My horn is shiny. Some players rub the lacquer off their instruments because of a mistaken notion that it allows the brass vibrate more freely, improving the sound. I’ve also been drawn to photos that have a shiny element. It probably also explains my attraction to water and sweat – bubbles in water.


Err, well, yes, shiny post-coital bodies glimmering with sweat.

Glycerin, yes, remember him, well, not him exactly, but the chemical. In junior high, I used to play with the glycerin in science class. A friend had told me it was good for your skin. I’ve never heard any confirmation of that, except maybe that it was good for your nails. I just liked coating my hands with it. I liked them shiny and slippery. I’m not sure why I skipped biology and chemistry in high school. I foolishly went straight to Physics. I like numbers, attraction, motion, and sexy Greek symbols. I survived with a B, but my teacher was never very happy with me. (I was the curve breaker in math class, too, so nobody was ever happy with me.) I hated English class, but it loved me – perpetual A’s.

I also like blue, again something associated with water, but I’m also a fire person, so red, too. Today’s photo has all of these.

Blinking lights. 

In grad school, I took an electronic music course. I wasn’t very good at it, but I used to listen to my creations with the lights off and LED’s blinking all over the room. Honestly, I took the course because a guy I was interested was a studio assistant.

So why all this revelation? It’s simple. I wanted to write about sex today, and I was hoping this would get me there. It hasn’t.

Green. Emerald green, to be precise.

Wait! What happened to blue? Well, coating my hands with glycerin wasn’t quite enough for me. My shampoo (Prell) at the time (Jr HS) was green. Fancy shampoos weren’t really in back then, and well, I’ve never been into makeup. I’m still not. Anyway, I once coated my entire body with Prell just because it was shiny, green, and slippery. Silly, I know, but I was in the thrall of puberty, and was into experimentation. I had also had a green slime dream. It was a cool sexy one. The Prell didn’t have quite the same effect, sadly.

I was into gymnastics back then, too. Nadia Comaneci was my hero. We were the same age, and she could do amazing things. My gymnastics career didn’t last long. We didn’t have a team, and I was too tall and skinny. The basketball coach had her eye on me, but I was better at volleyball, softball, and track. Maybe it was the gymnastics that spurred my obsession with nudity. Possibly. It did begin around that time.

We still haven’t made our way back to sex.

You’ve noticed. So have I. Maybe next time. My haiku is about sex, though, distilled into a mere 17 syllables: Radioactive. I did get the shiny blue things in my latest installment of Planet Ezzie, though.

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