Exercised, exorcised?

Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels

I’m clueless. I don’t understand this place. As I’ve said before, I write for me. I like the likes and follows, comment on others that interest me, but I have until now given real feedback. People only want to hear praise. I understand, but I would rather engage. I’m different.

I look at everyone who like or follow me, and if their content interests me, I follow them and even comment if appropriate. Unfortunately, many of those who follow me are in it for themselves. They are selling something, blogging about blogging, travel, food, get-rich-quick, and the like. They are all promoting something. That’s not what I’m here for. I want to read interesting things: poetry, fiction, interesting non-fiction, world events, funny things – things like that. Even after I publish my anthology, this site will still be all about creation.

Media in the US irks me. Yes, I know that’s an old-fashioned term, but it just seems to be the right one for this. Spending 6 weeks in the UK this summer put it all into perspective. We got real news from all over the world, and it wasn’t just wall-to-wall Trumpity Trump, the senile dictator. I’m not accusing the American media of being fake. I’m accusing them of being self-absorbed. I rarely hear anything about Europe or Africa. The Kashmir issue is exercising them now, as is Hong Kong, but that seems to be all that is happening in the world according to American media. We have forgotten about Syria, Russia, and South America.

Here’s a thought. Let’s not report on Trump for a day. OK, if there is something to report, report it, and then move on to more important news – surely most news in more important than him. Stop all this speculating and navel-gazing. It’s all unpaid campaign advertising for the amateur. Oh, for a Trump-free zone!

I was watching something on Netflicks last night, and I saw (shhh) nipples and heard swearing. Whipty-do! You can see them any night on UK television after 9 pm, and I don’t mean premium or cable – it’s on mainstream free terrestrial TV.

What happened to the First Amendment right to free speech? Our terrestrial broadcasters are censored. We all have skin. Why demonize it? Most of us swear from time to time, why shouldn’t television reflect America? If you don’t like it, don’t watch that program. Of course, there can be limits. Somebody must determine what porn and bad taste is, but leave that to the middle ground, not the puritanical religious right. Like the UK, limit what is allowed to times when fewer children watch – 9 pm-5:30 am. (8 pm on premium or pay per view.) Here are the UK rules on offensive content:

Unsuitable material can include everything from sexual content to violence, graphic or distressing imagery and swearing. For example, the most offensive language must not be broadcast before the watershed (9 pm) on TV or, on radio, when children are particularly likely to be listening. Frequent use of offensive language must be avoided before the watershed, and must always be justified by its context.

That is qualified by a statement that the transition shouldn’t be sudden. And notice “frequent use”. That means you can swear at any time, just don’t do it a lot. It all seems reasonable to me.

Ignoring First Amendment rights, we all get exercised about the Second Amendment which ensures the right to a well-regulated militia, and the right for people to bear arms. No, it doesn’t ensure the right for ALL people to bear arms. Until recently, it was read as allowing a well-regulated militia to bear arms, i.e a police force administered by the people. Neither does it say ANY or any number of arms. I advocate going back to how it was read in the middle of the 20th century. Regulate and license who can bear arms, and limit firepower to pistols and hunting weapons, and users must take firearms training to be allowed to purchase in limited numbers. Existing licensed weapons over a certain size must be handed over (or bought back) and for all smaller weapons, licensees must undergo significant firearms training. That is sensible gun regulation.

Let’s exorcise the wackos from our legislation, and find common sense.

2 thoughts on “Exercised, exorcised?

  1. sircharlesthepoet August 19, 2019 / 7:32 pm

    I’m grateful for having read this. I have a question. Have you ever cast a glance over my blog and my posts? What do you think? Do you have any opinions regarding it? I may not get anything, but I respect anything you may have to share.

    Regarding your post, I never knew about that difference between news in the USA versus news in the UK. I find that to be immensely interesting. Additionally, now that you’ve mentioned it, whenever I hear news on TV, it is never about anything that is happening outside of the United States. All the news ever talks about is Trump this, Trump that, American news and someone getting shot in some state. Like…what about the rest of the world??? Wow, thank you for this eye opening post! This is a very conserved country that believes they’re the only thing in the world.

  2. thecultofanne August 19, 2019 / 9:43 pm

    Hi Charles, thanks for commenting. Yes, I have looked at your site, and I’m remiss for not commenting. (I did follow.) I confess that I tend to avoid watching YouTube videos, mostly because of the time involved. I did watch Outsiders. There are a couple of places where you transposed some words (prison/death), and I think that those were (generally speaking) better than what you typed – I don’t know which is the final version.

    I looked back further, and while I generally like your voice, I would like to be challenged by it. You show flashes here and there. I would like to think, at some point, “Wow! That’s cool!” Even moreso, I would like to think that all the way through the poem. All these reality TV shows keep egging artists to get out of their comfort zone, and I usually think that it’s just to make better television, so they can be voted off, but in your case, I think that discomfort would help you to move up a level, and make your voice unique. I think “Fuck it” is a step in that direction.

    I would never say that I’m the best or most accomplished poet, but I do consciously think about my voice, and where it comes from within me. You need to find your core and own it. Obviously, this is all my personal opinion, so take what you want from it – or nothing at all. I will try to comment from time to time.

    Strictly about your comment, most NPR radio stations have a time of day when they broadcast either the BBC directly (usually in the middle of the night) or indirectly. There is a program called The World which is very good. Here & Now also has some BBC content. You can also stream BBC Radio 4 directly, or the BBC World Service. Radio 4 doesn’t do the news all day, but there are a number of rolling news programs worth listening to (The Today Programme, The World at One, and the Six O’Clock News – all UK times). There are other good programs.

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