A fumble in the jungle

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

9 of SWORDS Cruelty. (inverted)

Well, the inversion is a mixed blessing. It can mean anxiety or stress, or nightmares, although not as bad as if the card were upright.

I picked a card today, hoping that it would help me veer away from my reminiscences of the past few days. I went full-bodied on my haiku for today: Heels over head.

I’m still struggling. I didn’t have any nightmares, so probably anxiety is the word of the day. I start teaching next week and one of my classes is still in its infancy. This week is full of meetings, and that is cramping my style. My main summer project is barely started, and I’ve had some freelance work come in, which I haven’t begun at all.

I’m the procrastination queen.

And I’ve just heard a rumble of thunder. I need to go somewhere in about 15 minutes to pick someone up, and that could be a wet affair. Well, it isn’t an affair, but it could be wet.

I do like it wet, but that will be 90 and wet, so it might be sultry. I’m not sure I want to be soaked where I’m going, though. I  just had a look at the radar, and it’s a small storm. Something much larger will pass through later on. I should be home by then.

Blah, blah, blah. I just saw a pair of scantily-clad runners pass by. Maybe I should indulge in a fantasy in a storm of a pair of runners thrown together in a hot and heavy coupling under shelter. Or maybe there is a blast of thunder that throws them off the road into each other’s arms, and since the rain is pelting down, and nobody can see them, they have a quick fumble in the grass.

Yeah, well, I might have written something like that a few years ago, but it seems so cliche now.

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