I’m not doing this right, beginning without purpose, a plan to suck you in, or some might say sucker you in to reading this blog. I’m guilty.

But that is what I’m doing. Somewhere in this missive you might find that kernel of eternal truth, that tiny orgasm of thought that transcends the ordinary. I almost typed organism there, and I suppose there is some truth in that, whereas an eternal truth would spark a series of thoughts, of thinking, leading to an idea, and hopefully to the realization of that idea, growing like an organism, organically to its logical outcome.

Ah, but is logic a necessary path to all truth, or to a satisfactory outcome? If I am writing a story, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, and I take every logical turn and follow it to every logical outcome, is that satisfactory? It might be, but it won’t be transcendent. Perhaps a puzzle has multiple logical solutions, each leading to another with more multiple solutions, and so on. That is more like a fractal, which is natural as well as organic.

Now in that same model, take random puzzles to a different conclusion, not logical, but equally valid, or perhaps you take a series of puzzles with their valid (but not necessarily logical) results, obscure some of them, but still reach a valid conclusion.

That is art.

Art doesn’t need to equal the sum of its parts. It should transcend them. Come with me on a journey, take 25 steps, reappear on a different path, take another 10, appear in a desert with no path, turn to your left, awake into a dream, roll over, slip into an alternate reality, touch me, I caress you, it rains lightly, close your eyes, wake up in another universe.


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