Hot in Belgium

Photo by Diego Portrait from Pexels

And I’m not talking about waffles. Today TCoA has been lighting it up in Belgium, accounting for over half of my hits. I’m going to have to be more careful with my French in the future. (You won’t have to worry about me incorporating any Flemish in my writing.) My French is weak, but I have spent a few weeks in and around Paris, so I do know a few dozen words and phrases, and, of course, I know some music French. Some time ago, I attended a conference in Belgium, in Leuven, to be precise. I spent a couple of days in Brussels and drove up to Bruges. Like most of my European travel, I was able to survive mostly in English, making a token attempt at French from time to time. My German is much better, but in Frankfurt, the locals wouldn’t speak German to me. I ordered ein Bier at a bar, and the bartender immediately replied in English. They were happy to speak German to me in Copenhagen, where it’s like their third or fourth language, and they understand that Danish is difficult for outsiders.  (I’ve spent a lot of time in Denmark.) I confess that I didn’t attempt Finnish when I was in Tampere, other than Kiitos, which means thank you, but they were fine with that, as most could speak English.

So where is this all going? I suppose it is all about traveling, which mostly means Europe for me, having lived in the UK for 22 years. I’ve been to Canada several times, and to Mexico once – for about a half hour – it was a day trip from Tucson.

I’m pretty useless today. I ran/hobbled just short of 6 mi this morning and have to go face some bright young freshers in a couple of hours. I should be preparing my classes, but instead I’m blog-blog-blogging. I have most of a new Ezzie ready. I was mostly done last night, but I wanted to go over it again first. I’ll post it later today. I suppose today’s haiku (shadow ballet) is a remnant of that. I’ve been thinking a lot of being out in the moonlight on a summer evening, perhaps dancing naked in the moonlight, but that isn’t going to happen here. The backyard is fully visible to an adjacent roadway. The din of tree frogs, crickets, and cicadas is also a little maddening at times, not to mention the bugs. We have a LOT of bugs here.

I’m just rambling on, where she stops nobody know. There is a double bar coming up. I’m going to grab it and hold on.

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