Thinking too much

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Another shout out to Belgium. TCoA is certainly popular there, as well as India, but by the end of the day the US stormed back for the most hits. It probably has to do with what time of day I post and where it falls into their day. I posted three times yesterday on TCoA, two of them being later in the day, so India and Australia probably missed out. The late posts have probably slipped into today’s numbers.

Not that I pay any attention to them, although it is interesting to know where I am read.

I’ve been in an odd mood lately, as you can probably tell from my haiku, today’s especially: Psychosis Stomp. I’ve been thinking of the usual things (sex and sex), but I seem to be most distracted by weird things. Of course, yesterday’s bonus haiku (La bo su ni) was written in a language I made up several years ago. Even now, my eye latched on to a book on my shelf, Unendlicher Empfang (Infinite Reception). It’s a book about a composer that interests me. He is obsessed by infinity and processes. Yes, it is in German, and I have struggled through it.

I mentioned my attraction to shiny things a few days ago – silly things, like a pitcher of orange juice spilling to the floor in super-slo-mo caught my eye today. That’s much more interesting to me than cat or dog videos. (I’m allergic to cats, but they love me.) I’ve been struggling to avoid politics. It’s just too depressing.

Now, today’s photo struck me for odd reasons. Yes, she has a tummy to die for, but for me, I want that skirt. Could I rock it? Probably not, but I can dream. What really attracted me to the photo were the egg flats – that’s two flats of 36 eggs! Either she does a ton of baking, or eats a lot of eggs. I assume with a kitchen that size, she isn’t part of a big family. There are only 2 wine glasses in the dish drainer, I assume from dinner the previous night. I can’t imaging keeping that tummy with such a volume of eating, baking or otherwise.


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