Jeopardy (20 random answers to your unvoiced questions.)

Photo by Stephan Seeber from Pexels


I’ve been eating too much pizza lately, and today it went all down my blouse. Why pizza, and why is that a problem? Well, pizza is my go-to junk food, especially since I’ve sworn off red meat for a while – pepperoni doesn’t count. Thursday night, taco pizza, Friday lunch, calzone, Saturday lunch, personal pan pizza – all members of the pizza family.

While I would eat other kinds of pizza, pepperoni pizza is the only true pizza for me.

Why should I reveal this to you, dear readers? That’s a good question, and speaking of questions, Ezzie spewed about a bunch of answers in one of the upcoming episodes (first series on EJO), and dared her readers to guess the questions. Her answers were fictitious, of course, but let’s try it here.

  1. It depends on who you ask, either when I was 17 or 20. I’m not sure the earlier one counted.
  2. Pizza and Pepsi. Chocolate fudge mousse cake if there is any room left.
  3. Once.
  4. None.
  5. Wet, but not too warm.
  6. Slow, very slow.
  7. Feet, skin, in general. It’s a toss up.
  8. Peter Gabriel, So.
  9. Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring or Lutoslawski Symphony No 3
  10. Abstract, modern (ultra-modern?)
  11. Autumn.
  12. Salman Rushdie, The Moor’s Last Sigh.
  13. Angels.
  14. Science.
  15. Dance.
  16. Paris.
  17. Thought about it, but never did it.
  18. Evanescence.
  19. Brainiac.
  20. Publish a novel.

I’m going to leave the questions up to your imagination. (Some are obvious.)

Today’s haiku is my sixth haiku with a dance theme, this is the darkest of all: Sycophant Sling.

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