All work and no lay …

Photo by iRise Drink from Pexels

After a manic day, I’m ready to teach tomorrow. I haven’t printed out my lesson plans, but I have them in digital form. I often wait on printing things until my first week is over, and I can see how many and who are in my classes. I wouldn’t want to waste too much paper and ink. Students here have a habit of adding and dropping courses at the last minute. I lost two in one class (not expected), and added one in another (who I was expecting).

Now it is a matter of relaxing and trusting my ability and experience. I’ve taught both classes tomorrow before, but Tuesday is new, yet it is a variant on one of the classes tomorrow.

How boring.

At least I can sleep tonight. I didn’t last night.

I would rather be writing an episode of Ezzie, but I’m too tired. I’ll need to make a start on my freelance job, and work on another creative project that languished during the summer.

It’s time to get my arse in gear.

I may not be around as much in the meantime. I finished the latest edit of The Veil of Sheera and Other Tales, but I’ve decided that the Peter Grimes quotes must go. I’ll have to write some replacement poetry, with the same character as the Auden, but, of course, I’m not Auden. It’s only 4 poems, but I’m not sure I write in a compatible style.

I can’t wait to get it off of my desk and onto KDP to sell millions of copies (or a few at least). Will it be worth the effort? Probably not, and I still don’t have cover art. Nobody has offered to create any for me, so it will probably be a stock photo. Unfortunately, nothing on Pexels really fits the bill. I haven’t looked at Google yet.

All work and no lay, makes Anne a dull toy.

Did I really write that? Shame.

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