Greased lightning

Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels

Every time I hear a clap of thunder, I seem drawn to go outside. That isn’t a particularly good idea, since we had a nearby lightning strike while I was away during the summer – think tall tree flattened, just missed the house. It’s not even raining out. It was earlier, and it probably will again, but it is the rain that I crave, soaking myself. It was raining this morning when I drove into uni. I didn’t want to get wet then, because I had to teach, but I do now. I have no appointments to make myself presentable for. (Preposition dangled.)

Water today, sometimes fire. Last night it was fire. I wanted to write the email from hell last night, but I restrained myself and sent a polite one to someone else, who I’m hoping sent a more sensible email than my fiery tirade. I’ve been volatile lately, and I need that rain to cool me down. That might explain today’s haiku: In circles, going.

There is also a new Ezzie going live in about 2 hours. I’ve been trying to stagger entries on the same site (TCoA) to catch more readers. This one gets all magical, I think the first time in all three series that magic is overt. Ezzie doesn’t understand it. She isn’t sensitive to the spiritual world, and doesn’t even realize until she’s told that she is having an out of body experience. I think it is actually more than that, but I haven’t really thought it out yet. Tommy has hinted that this may be her means of escape. It may be now or never, because he may be moving to California, and he considers himself her protector.

I don’t know why I’m divulging that information. Perhaps it helps me to talk things out a little, even when almost no one is talking back. It greases the cog that aligns the wheels.

One thought on “Greased lightning

  1. thecultofanne August 27, 2019 / 10:00 pm

    Is she real? Maybe she has been airbrushed, or the current digital equivalent. I don’t think she is a 3-D rendered model. Hmm.

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