Photo by Sandeep MV from Pexels

I’ve been accused of diving into the well too many times – perhaps not in so many words. I’ve been binging on Outlander on Netflix lately. I have an affinity with it – start with an outrageous premise and run with it as long as you can. The Cult of Hahn actually has a similar type of scenario. A woman is transported through time (possibly) to a somewhat familiar place, yet unfamiliar. In my story, she goes back and forth multiple times – not at will, but frequently enough that she knows the drill, and sort of what to expect. Hers is also a parallel universe, so she can’t rely on historical knowledge at all.

In Outlander, conversely, she knows the history well, since it is something her husband has studied, and through her husband’s lookalike ancestor, we gain insight into her husband’s psyche. A lot of it is very well done. I’m getting towards the end of series 1, and it is becoming sort of repetitive. Claire’s gone in and out of favor several times. She marries, has copious amounts of sex, someone is beaten or flogged – sometimes her, and a little more sex for good measure, she has her clothes torn off several times, has more sex, is threatened at knife-point to her bare breasts, she’s beaten, goes out of favor again, goes back in, has more sex … you catch my drift? I should also remark that it isn’t fade-to-black sex. It’s good sex, i.e. they can’t leave it until orgasm, of which there are many. That Scot has awesome staying power! I’ve never known a man to be ready for more so quickly and so often.

Don’t get me wrong. Nudity – fine. Sex – fine. Orgasm – fine. Over and over again? Not so fine. It blurs the plot. In fact, some episodes have no plot other than the sex. The Wedding? No, it should be “The Wedding Night.” That is the entire episode. I lost count of the sexcapades. Yes, she’s beautiful, and he’s ripped, but enough is enough.

Maybe it is the sex that is keeping the viewing figures up, but it is losing me fast. I’m aware there is a change of scenery coming up, but not before the Scot is captured and tortured again. Perhaps Claire needs a few days in her own time to freshen things up, but then she’d probably go back and need to have a lot more sex.

Maybe I’m getting old. I’ll keep watching for now, but who knows how long I’ll last.

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