Bad again

Photo by Anderson Miranda from Pexels

I’ve just posted my haiku, Slave, and preloaded the next week of Ezzie reruns on EJO. I shouldn’t say reruns, since I’ve never posted them on WP before, but the place where I did post them is lost to the ether. Only the first 17 episodes are on WC.

I should have used the holiday to catch up on my freelance work, but I didn’t touch it. I did prepare for this week’s classes, so I’m not a complete loser. I ran almost 6 miles on the treadmill this morning. That isn’t a lot for me, but with my gimpy ankle, that was all I’ve been able to manage lately. I did the same on Saturday, but it felt a little better then. Today, it hurt all the way, and I probably should have stopped, but there was a sexy guy next to me, so I dared not let him win. Well, I don’t go for sexy. Let’s just say, my type – if there is such a thing. He didn’t last long. Neither did the person who replaced him. I won, three times over.

I need to write some more of the new Ezzie series. I’ve left everyone hanging. She’s had a real out of body – or perhaps two body – magical experience. I think I need to consider where I’m taking that, before I press forward.

I finished making the final corrections on my anthology yesterday, but I decided to insert poetry on the blank pages between stories. There was already one at the beginning, as well as Tide at the end of the novella at the beginning (Intolerance), so I decided for continuity that I would place more of my shorter poems where there were blank pages. I haven’t decided what to do about the Table of Contents yet, i.e. how I’ll include them. That just gives me an excuse to waffle on the title some more. The Veil of Sheera reflects the overall content better, but Intolerance is the longest story, and it is first … and it is something that I can find some royalty-free artwork for more easily.

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