Prompts, promptly

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

I wrote about my lack of dreams last time, and that seems to have shifted somewhat. I’m still not sleeping well, so my dreams have been fragmentary, but I have had some. That means I’m still not past having to use fantasy to divert myself.

One of the ways I used to do that was to create ridiculous scenarios and run with them (that’s where the last novel idea sprang from), so here are a few:

Sixth Gear. Sunni has bought a new 10-speed bike to ride to work. She tends to favor 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 10th gears, that was until she found 6th, and it changed her life … or should I say – lives.

Everywoman. Clare was a normal woman, with a normal family, working a normal job, and was happy. What was that she stepped in while crossing a busy street? Bubble gum? Hardly. She watched with dread as her body transformed into molten glass, vaporizing her clothes. Nothing to see here folks! I mean it. Look away now!

Itch. Every morning, Sandy woke up with an itch. She could never predict where it was going to be – her wrist, her hip, the back of her neck – and it would last all day. Her doctor could give no explanation. Today was different, though. It was inside her skull, and it made a noise, sounding like radio chatter from the other side of the universe. It was.

Elvin. Serena hid her pointed ears under a mop of curly red hair. She was smaller and thinner than most people, and she could hear a sneeze a mile away. Why a sneeze? Because that is what it always was, and she was determined to find the source.

So … entries on a post card, or whatever.

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